zaterdag 31 januari 2009

Organic Sprouts

Today I will not give you a new recipe, but would like to draw your attention to a most wonderful book I came across: The Better Days Books Origiganic Guide to Growing Cabbages and Cauliflowers, a book published in 1889!!

Grow a bumper crop of crunchy cabbages, crispy cauliflower, sweet baby brustels sprouts and mouth-watering Kale without using chemical fertilizers or poisonous pesticides – the "Origiganic" way! It has been only since the 1960s that dangerous petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides have been in widespread use, so any serious gardening "how to" treatise published prior to 1960 will, quite "naturally," exclude their use. "Origiganic" is a new word we have coined here at Better Days Books to describe these time-tested, chemical-free "original" methods of growing food in our backyards, gardens and even on full scale farms. With The Better Days Books Origiganic Guide to Growing Cabbages and Cauliflowers (Original publication date: 1889) you'll be well on your way to producing a better, healthier, safer, and even generally less expensive bounty of fabulous, poison-free food – for your family and for the marketplace.

It's a little dead chep thing ful of absolute wonderful information.

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