donderdag 11 december 2008

Diabetes of Health?

No sprouts recipe today, but some 'healthy advice', from me to you, because I care...

Last October I was in London to attend a workshop as I am doing a specialisation in the Prevention of Diabetes.

One of the group members was Andrew Bridgewater, a Chartered Psychologist, who works as a Management Consultant.

Five months ago Andrew was told the verdict: you are hovering on the line between Health and Diabetes. Lose weight now!! Which ofcourse is always easier said than done.

Weight gain (and weight loss) is actually controlled by the pH level in your blood stream.
The pH scale goes from 0 (highly acidic) to 14 (highly alkaline). You see, your body’s ‘inner terrain’ (your bloodstream) needs to maintain a slightly alkaline pH balance of 7.365 in order to function optimally.
If your pH level is too acidic, then one of the consequences is that your body will create fat, to isolate the extra acidity and toxicity. But…
When you get it right… The fat literally melts away!!
People were beginning to notice Andrew's weight loss and his increased Vitality and started hassling him for tips. Good news! Andrew has put his experiences in an e-book.
I have ordered it immediately! And if you are wise and need to loose weight you will order it too!
Good luck and keep me updated of your progress!

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