vrijdag 26 december 2008


Love 'em or hate 'em - you just can't have Christmas dinner without having Brussels sprouts! The problem is they do tend to have unpleasant side effects on the digestive system... read on to find out how to cook your spouts without gassing your gran!

Sprouts have an unfortunate reputation for causing flatulence.

This is because of their high content of carbohydrates, which are difficult for the body to digest. Microbes in our large intestine take advantage of the undigested carbohydrate and ferment it, producing large quantities of methane that escapes in the natural manner.

But you can make them easier on the system by blanching them first.

Before cooking, plunge them into boiling water for sixty seconds, then plunge them into freezing cold water (seriously - put ice cubes in it!) for sixty seconds. This will stop the cooking process immediately. You can leave them in the cold water until you're ready to cook them. Then cook as usual.

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