vrijdag 27 februari 2009

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

1 pound Brussels sprouts
olive oil spray
2-3 tsp. garlic
balsamic vinegar
vegan Parmesan (optional)

Begin by preparing the sprouts: cut about 1/8-1/4-inch off the stem end, and remove any discolored or dried leaves.
Cut the sprout in half, from top to bottom (through the stem end).
Spray a glass baking dish lightly with olive oil.
Add the sprouts and toss them with the garlic and a couple of teaspoons of balsamic vinegar. Give them one quick spritz of olive oil, and put them in the oven.
Roast at 375 F for 10 minutes, stir, and roast for 10 more minutes.
Remove from the oven, pour them into a serving bowl, and toss them with another teaspoon of balsamic vinegar.
Serve sprinkled with soy Parmesan, if you like.

We had these last night with corn on the cob, barbequed beans, and a salad, and they were a real treat.

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